Scandinavian design is a blend of textures and soft hues to produce an interior design of a room that is sleek, modern, classy, warm feeling and inviting. The Basic emphasis is on the cleanliness of the design like of lines, utility and simple furnishing which is beautiful, functional and cozy.

Most of the Five Star Hotels and Super Luxury Resorts are designed on the basis of Scandinavian Style as it counts a lot for a minimalist design with all the provisions that can be a need of any human being.
The most important thing in a Scandinavian Style is the nature and especially the plants and trees, in all such designs there will be plants inside the building or there will be a beautiful lawn in front of a large window, if the location is in Mountain then the beautiful view of the terrain will be definitely a part of Scandinavian Style.
In Switzerland which is one of the most beautiful countries of the world, the Resorts of Zermat, Valais are one the best example of Scandinavian Style. The main feature of those resorts is the minimalist design with all the furniture and decoration that fulfill the demands of Super Luxury Scandinavian Interior Design. The combination of the textures and materials like wood, aluminum, glass, steel, paint, marble and a mountain scene along with a beautiful take care of the neatness of the Interior Design of the Resorts of Switzerland is a visual representation of a Beautiful Scandinavian Style.