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Signea Collections

"Uniquely Artistic, Eclectically Memorable"

Representing an artistic, carefree and unconventional life, our Bohemian Collection is a mixture of influences from various culture, styles and eras. It is a portrayal of memories and experiences of a life well-lived and a journey well-travelled. Translated into rustic-distressed finished, wood and rattan furniture, with vintage touch and design, our Bohemian collection suits the artistically laid- back people who want to leave impression.



"Cosmopolitan, edgy and artsy"

Perfect for young and energetic professionals, this collection represents a stylish city living and its dynamic. Dominated by bold and masculine industrial elements, layered with soft grey hues, neutral colours, and natural textures, this collection portrays distinguished contemporary city living for urban citizens.



"Shines through timeless elegance"

As one of our most beloved collection, Modern glamour collection is a perfect combination of simplicity and glamorous details. Translated into combination of simple geometric shape objects, intricate artworks, richly patterned furnishing with velvety texture and metallic finishing, this collection calls out for elegant people who do not want to go over the top.



"Find comfort in Nordic simplicity"

Balancing minimalist simplicity, functionality, and comfort of living, our Scandinavian collection is inspired by modern European lifestyle. Characterised by clean detailing furniture, basic white palette, warm wooden texture and some distinctive accent colours, this collection provides a calming presence amidst the busy urban life.